1. Do not ask for mods, that I'm not giving away for download! Especially when the mod is not mine!
2. Do not advertise! (only if you have GTA blog and will you add me to your friends)
3. If you have any questions, use shoutbox or comment section but do not spam!

If you will not respect this rules = BAN!
Thank you.

neděle 28. července 2013

Thank You!

Yes, I'm leaving, but I will not delete this blog 'cause here are some things that must be here (like CS 1.6 Survivor map or Tomoe Mami Retextured). Anyway, thank you guys for 3k views. Maybe I'll come back, maybe not. I dunno...


úterý 18. června 2013

Some news

Sorry for little inactivity. The reason why I'm inactive is that I installed Win 8 on my laptop. Well, now i cannot start CCC (Catalyst Control Center) so the games are lagging. And my USB HDD stopped working, 'cause he fell down (stupid son of a b*tch named Pepa). If I fix those problems, I'll be modding again.


sobota 1. června 2013

Tomoe Mami - Modern

Hey guys.
Here is Tomoe Mami in Modern School Style. Hope you like it :)

And yup - that Lamboghini is my W.I.P. Project - it looks like shit with that green paintjob I know, i just tested that. So i will make some cool paintjob. I will let you know with screens. ;)

Tomoe Mami - by Pjecoo

*cya ;)

sobota 25. května 2013

Recording Day Screens #1

Some screens from recording lonewolf's movie.


CS 1.6 Survivor Map for SA:MP

Hey guys!
I just want to post here a converted version of map by bashmak - CS 1.6 Survivor.
Here are some screens.

MAP BY: bashmak